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Parkinson’s Care

Parkinson’s impact is extensive, not only to the person, but to their loved ones as well. It’s a disease that requires a high level of care that families may not be equipped to provide. That’s where we come in. At Global Health Care Services we understand the complex needs of Parkinson’s patients and are proud to deliver quality home care that enables seniors with Parkinson’s to continue living safely in the comfort of home.

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Supervision and Safety
Since Parkinson’s affects motor function, patients are at risk of falling down. We have a Home Safety Checklist which can help you to safeguard your home.

Home Safety Program

For aid in strengthening muscles and bone density, a healthy diet is key.

Trained in Care for Parkinson’s
Individuals who suffer with Parkinson’s have good and bad days. Thankfully, our professional care specialists are able to help you or your loved one with exercise, cooking, feeding, personal care and medication management. Global Health Care provides the following services:

Parkinson’s patients require aid in personal everyday tasks such as dressing, bathing, eating, and going to the restroom. Our caregivers will take care of your needs while ensuring that you maintain your privacy, dignity, comfort, and independence.

Client’s with Parkinson’s need a proper exercise routine to aid them in keeping their muscle strength, mobility, and balance. The caregivers at Global Health Care are trained in the latest most helpful exercises.

Relief for Family
It can be physically and emotionally draining to take care of a loved one with Parkinson’s. With Global Health Care, family caregivers can take a break and rest easy knowing that their loved one is well cared for.

Respite Care