Palliative Care

Your Palliative Care Professionals

Global Health’s Palliative care helps provide dignity, comfort and quality of life to patients in the comfort of their home. It also cares for the social, cultural, spiritual, emotional, and mental needs of the client and their family in a comprehensive and holistic approach.

End of life is a natural part of life. It is one part however, that weighs heavily in the hearts and minds of the family. That is why our end of life care also includes supporting the family, to give them peace of mind during this difficult time. Respite for family members can often be a great reprieve from the overwhelming emotional and physical drain of Palliative care.

Global Health will work with you and your loved ones to bring together the support you will need to provide the most gentle, pain-free journey possible. Your dedicated group of professionals will be well educated on your personal wishes, and will provide support to you and your loved one.

Our caregivers and end-of-life nursing professionals are understanding and compassionate of you and your loved ones’ situations. They are experienced and skilled at providing end-of-life care, combined with a deep understanding of the stages you will experience

Call us at 1-800-728-0444 and we will be glad to help you with any questions you have regarding our end of life care.