Cost Comparison

Home Home Care Reimbursement Cost Comparison

Should you stay or should you go?

At some point as we age, we will be faced with making the decision of staying in our home with some assistance or moving to a retirement residence. Depending upon your health and care needs there are different residences you can choose from. Some residences permit you to direct your own care and live without much assistance. Some residences offer varying levels of medical care and medication monitoring, which may be provided for additional service fees. Some residences will provide assistance with personal daily needs like bathing, dressing etc., again these may be provided for additional service fees.

A Global Health client spends between $1400–$1800 per month on average, to be able to remain in the comfort of their own home. For those who just need a little extra help, they typically spend as little as $160 per month. We also care for clients who require greater round-the-clock support.

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If you are looking at comparing the cost of home care versus a retirement residence or assisted care residence, there are several things to consider, like:

  • What is included and what is an extra fee for service at the residence you are considering?
  • Is the care worker looking after me also responsible for other residents?
  • What is the ratio?
  • Do they have qualified nurses providing nurse lead care?
  • Is your health status monitored and is there a care plan in place?
  • How big is your circle of care, including family, friends or neighbours that are involved in your care?
  • With some help, are you able to continue to live safely and independently in your home?
  • What care and support services are covered by local provincial health agencies?