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Global Healthcare Services provides personalized care services wherever our clients live, whether they live in a house, condominium, assisted living facility or nursing home. A significant benefit of our home health care services is that it allows our clients to remain in the familiarity and comfort of their own surroundings.

Deciding how to best care for our loved ones is a personal, life-changing choice that can put a financial squeeze on the family. For many, cost is a major factor to consider when looking at care options for your loved one.

Public health care in Canada does provide some free care services for healthcare and home support for seniors through provincial health agencies, but often this coverage does not cover all the care required and its related cost.
This leaves you and your loved one to have to cover these costs. Global Healthcare has Reimbursement Specialists available to help you look into other financial resources and services that might be available to you.

Reimbursement Services

Global Healthcare does have a set minimum number of hours per visit for its services, as it has been our experience that most clients benefit from having one of our caregivers providing an array of specific services for a block of time. As an example: if you need help in the morning getting up and ready for the day, having someone also do a little housework, laundry or prepare meals is of great help while also providing some companionship and social interaction at the same time.