Senior Wellness Checks

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Peace of mind for you

At Global Health Care Services, we understand that stress and anxiety can come from not knowing what’s going on with your loved one. That’s why we created our Senior Wellness Care Plan. A Global Health nurse will make scheduled in-home visits to see how your loved one is doing. They will assess and make note of any noticeable changes to their physical and mental health, often resulting in the early detection and implementation of greater care services. They will also check to see that your loved one is eating well, taking their medications and staying active, both socially and physically. All of the information gathered is made available to you.

The Senior Wellness Care Plan is perfect for loved ones who do not live near you and may not tell you things for fear that it would worry you because you are busy with your own life.

These scheduled wellness checks are great for peace of mind – knowing that your loved one is being monitored and cared for can make all the difference. To find out more about our Senior Wellness Care Plan, call us at 1-800-728-0444.