Stroke Care

Stroke Care

While some stoke symptoms are common (paralysis, weakness, difficulty communicating, and loss of coordination), the effects of a stroke can vary significantly from individual to individual. Prompt care and selecting the right support team following a stroke can have a significant impact on recovery.

Facilitating Rehabilitation

Once you leave the hospital, rehabilitation is often difficult following a stroke. While some functions return quickly and easily, others take time or may never return to the level they were before the stroke. Additional help may be necessary. Global Health care managers work with you, your family and your circle of care medical team to create an individualized stroke recovery care plan.

Under the supervision of the care manager our stroke caregivers offer support, assist with housekeeping and other activities of daily living so you and your family can focus on rehabilitation. Stroke care plans can be easily adapted as seniors regain their abilities or experience setbacks, making this personalized approach effective throughout every stage of recovery.

Our stroke care professionals encourage stroke patients while providing valuable assistance, monitoring, and observation to make home a safer and more comfortable place. Global Health’s stroke caregivers are available day or night to provide part-time or 24 hr care. We also offer respite care to assist. This flexibility is available to you and your loved ones, so they can rest easy and feel safe knowing professional, reliable assistance is available when you need it most.

Global Health Care is here to help. To learn more about our stroke care programs, call one of our Care Managers at 1-800-728-0444 to schedule a free in home consultation.