Global Care Package

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Our Global Care Package is a comprehensive holistic approach to your home health care and personal wellness. It was designed with a focus on a proactive and prevention approach to care oversight.

The Global Care Package includes the benefits of Care Management, Care Navigation and our Senior Wellness Checks, to provide you and your loved one with the peace of mind, knowing that your loved one is being monitored and cared for.

A Global Health Nurse Care Manager will make scheduled in-home visits to see how your loved one is doing. They will assess and make note of any noticeable changes to their physical and mental health, often resulting in the early detection and implementation of greater care services. They will also check to see that your loved one is eating well, taking their medications and staying active, both socially and physically.

They will coordinate all aspects of your healthcare needs and will help support and guide you and your loved one by staying connected and in communication with your circle of care, including doctors, specialists and other healthcare professionals.

Our RNs are highly experienced navigators who know the healthcare system inside and out and will facilitate the movement through the medical system. They will accompany you to medical appointments, tests, treatments or procedures. They are educators and can translate complicated medical language and help you evaluate treatment options.

For peace of mind, call 1-800-728-0444 to find out more about our Global Care Package.