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After Surgery Care Services

If you are having surgery and need after surgery care, Global Health’s help can start right in the hospital. Being there before your loved one is discharged, our nurse care manager can ensure that a discharge care plan is in place and care resources are informed. With Global Health Care Services, you can rest assured that your loved one is receiving the best care to help them heal, and that the care is based on their needs and the care plan.

Global Health’s after surgery care management consists of monitoring the wound, dressing changes, pain management, educating you and your loved one on how to care for the wound, assisting with personal care, daily living activities, administering medication and much more. Our nurses will communicate with your circle of healthcare professionals on a regular basis to ensure everyone is informed on your progression.

Our nurses are specially trained in wound care and are able to care for the most complex and stubborn of wounds. We can also help with the recovery and care of the initial reason for the surgery, like a hip or knee replacement, heart surgery or any other kind of surgery.

For more information on our post-surgery care, call our Care Manager at 1-800-728-0444.