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  • "I just wanted to tell you about how AWESOME the sitter I got to work with today. She was absolutely amazing with our patient in room. She was great with the patient, who was very difficult. She kept him occupied, kept him engaged in conversation, and called the nurses when needed. She made my job a lot easier today! She was a great lady ! Thanks"

    -Maja B.

  • "The sitter we had today has been wonderful. I know we do not often send recognition but this lady has stood out in our eyes and many of my staff have come to comment on her work ethics throughout the day. Thank you!"

    -Micheline (Clinical Manager Orthopedics)

  • "As per my phone call, last weekend,one of your personal support workers was assigned to work one on one with a confused patient. The PSW was excellent, she was always willing to help with the patient, she had a positive attitude. We truly appreciate your help! Thank you"


  • "My family is grateful to the Personal Support Workers provided by Global – they are kind, caring and professional. Thanks to Global Staff, my father has been able to continue living at home and my mother has the support she needs to care for him."


  • "The personal support worker who was with us today helping with patient was amazing and we are very grateful that he took the time to interact with the patient, playing games and knitting with her. We would be delighted to have him again!"


  • "The sitter that took care of our patient had a positive impact on the staff and patient."


  • "I was recently discharged from the Ottawa Hospital and was advised I would require assistance at home. I contacted Global Health and they promptly replied. With the help of their courteous and very professional staff, I was soon back on my feet again. Should the need ever arise again I would not hesitate to call them."